Department of Mathematics

Our Curriculum

We build our undergraduate program on a progression starting from the foundational material, ending at appreciating the depth of mathematical wisdom, while emphasizing logical thinking as well as intuitive grasps of ideas on its course. The first two years of the program are spent on mastering the basic grammar of the subject, followed by various advanced courses in the third and fourth years, providing a smooth introduction to the modern mathematics. The active learning is the key to each student's mastery of the scientific language, and we offer many problem sessions as well as seminars to encourage the direct participations within the pedagogical environment. In particular, the culminating point for each student is the senior seminar where the year-long weekly seminar provides each student a valuable opportunity to immerse himself/herself in a specific topic aligned to the individual taste, and to present the fruit of the study at the end-of-the-year presentation forum open to the public.

Frontier of Scientific Research

The playing field of the faculty and the graduate students are worldwide, where many international collaborations are regularly pursued. It is often assumed that mathematical research is solitary and isolated, yet in truth, where there is no physically tangible material to be dealt with, the dialogs between the researchers become essential and substantial. Only through dialogs, ideas can be formed and matured which then lead to a new set of ideas. In order to facilitate such research activities, our faculty members are constantly organizing and participating in international conferences, and often we host long-term stays of researchers from abroad on our campus, which brings various forms of intellectual stimuli to the Department as well as the Faculty of Sciences.